Camera Test in Redmond: Bear Creek

Perhaps a little too excited about hitting the road in 4 days, Wm awoke early and walked down to Bear Creek to test his new camera (Canon 550D Ti2 DSLR) in the grey light of dawn.

BearCreek (3)BearCreek (2)BearCreek (4)BearCreek (6)BearCreek (5)BearCreek (11)BearCreek (7)BearCreek (10)BearCreek (8)BearCreek (12)BearCreek (13)BearCreek (14)BearCreek (15)BearCreek (1)

He was a little worried his 55-250mm lens wouldn’t capture flowers well, since it’s primarily for zooming-in, but it seems to do the trick!

Lisa is excited for the arrival of her new camera tomorrow (Panasonic Lumix ZS5).  Today she said goodbye to her mother who is looking forward to following our blog and exploring the country with us virtually. 

3 Responses to “Camera Test in Redmond: Bear Creek”

  1. Bill Says:

    I was just going to ask you if you had already taken a few hundred photos with your new camera yet, to get used to it. Remember, manually setting the white balance to be scene-appropriate plus setting the picture quality to “vivid” will really help a lot.

  2. DriveToPark Says:

    I still need to take about a hundred more. So much to discover! I totally agree about white balance. My camera has an outdoor setting that boosts greens & blues specifically; that will see a lot of use!

    I’m going without a wide-angle lens; just the 55-250mm. Lisa just picked up the new Lumix I mentioned; we’ll use that for snapshots instead.

    Gonna try to get some great video too! 1080p’s for youtube, baby!

    After we pick up Spiral on Friday, our first “stop” is to see one of the two YF-23 prototypes! (I’ve seen it many times before, but never with a good camera.) Photos forthcoming! 🙂

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