Get On The Boat!

Curiosity burdened us with a trivial goal: find the cheapest decent “blue-plate special” breakfast in America.” We just found a good contender back at Nancy’s for breakfast: two eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and coffee for ~$12. 🙂

We spent the day driving again, mostly through California’s brownish interior landscape down I-5.  Largely uneventful two-lane highway; the occasional wall of semi’s blocking automobile progress.  The morning tarmac a feast for small black birds quickly snatching-up bug carcasses before your car hits them.

Our momentum was stalled in Santa Monica by thick rush-hour traffic, where “the law of lanes” remained true: whichever lane you’re in is always the slowest.

P1000207 P1000208

We broke free from the mob and drove down I-110 across the Vincent Thomas bridge. Obsessive Wm required the bugs be washed off his car before handing it over to valets, which were well-met at the destination of our two-day 1,171 mile drive: the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California! (Wm’s favorite place in the whole world!)

After a brief rest in our room “The Eisenhower Suite” onboard, we strolled her decks just as displays were closed for the day.  We snapped a few photos and planned to return in a few days for more.  We then sipped Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonics (fitting English aperitif) in her elegant Observation Bar before dining on grilled fish tacos in “The Promenade Cafe”.  Afterward, weary from travel, we collapsed into bed before a word could be blogged.

P1000219QueenMaryDay1 (5)QueenMaryDay1 (4)QueenMaryDay1 (21)QueenMaryDay1 (8)QueenMaryDay1 (19)QueenMaryDay1 (10)QueenMaryDay1 (18)QueenMaryDay1 (22)QueenMaryDay1 (42)QueenMaryDay1 (54)QueenMaryDay1 (45)QueenMaryDay1 (51)QueenMaryDay1 (62)QueenMaryDay1 (82)QueenMaryDay1 (78)QueenMaryDay1 (76)QueenMaryDay1 (79)QueenMaryDay1 (84)P1000231P1000232

4 Responses to “Get On The Boat!”

  1. Paula Norman Says:

    Are you staying on the Queen Mary. That looks like a lot of fun. Spiral is a good looking young man. Have a fantastic time

  2. Kathy Nali Says:

    Queen Mary is way kewl..I think 12.00 for a blue plate is a little high IMO

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