Meet the Parents

Today was a day filled with family.  We began the day by picking-up Wm’s son Spiral, who turns 14 in a couple weeks.  Our first stop was the Western Museum of Flight where Wm was hoping to show his son the insanely cool YF-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter prototype.  Sadly, the museum had moved to a new airfield, and the YF-23 has yet to make the journey.  But, we still had a good time sitting in a real F-5 cockpit and admiring the other displays.

WMOF (14)WMOF (6)WMOF (9)WMOF (10)WMOF (12)WMOF (13)WMOF (7)P1000247WMOF (8)

We then went to Wm’s parents’ house for a long overdue visit.  They treated us to lunch at Fuddruckers, which coincidentally Lisa’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob had recommended we visit at some point during our trip.  We both opted for bleu-cheese burgers and they did not disappoint!  The day was filled with a lot of conversation on investing, politics, and the agenda for our adventure.  Although Spy was likely bored to tears, he was a good sport and managed to keep himself entertained while the adults conversed.  Good thing we have an action packed week planned for the remainder of   his Spring Break! We finished the night off with a home-made pot roast dinner and then headed off to our temporary home: the Queen Mary.  🙂


3 Responses to “Meet the Parents”

  1. Kathy Nali Says:

    Now Bob is real jealous that he sees you got fudruckers and the chili burger hehehehe

  2. Kathy Nali Says:

    you have a nice looking family WIlliam

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