Nothing Says Easter Like A Chili-Cheeseburger

Today was jam-packed with fun!  We kicked the day off with a quick Easter-egg hunt at the Queen Mary, which combined with the basket that the Bunny brought Spiral, supplied him with non-stop candy-eating goodness.
Easter (1)Easter (2)
Next on the agenda was an eating experience like no other: Original Tommy’s chili-cheeseburgers; the food of the gods! We drove to downtown LA to the original Tommy’s burger stand, and deeply satisfied our souls with delicious greasy burger action. 🙂
Tommys (1)Tommys (2)Tommys (3)Tommys (4)Tommys (5)

Stuffed with goodness, we drove up the coast to Malibu and the Getty Villa, a collection of antiquities owned by oil-magnate J. Paul Getty. Wm had been there once as a child and couldn’t remember much about it, so he figured a refresher-course might be fun.  But, apparently over the years, the place has been revamped dramatically and bears little resemblance to the place Wm (barely) remembers.  It’s now modeled after a Roman villa, and filled with artifacts from that and the Greek eras.  We thoroughly enjoyed walking its gardens, and discussing its architecture and works of art.
Getty (1)
Getty (2)Getty (3)Getty (4)Getty (8)Getty (7)Getty (9)Getty (10)Getty (11)Getty (12)Getty (13)Getty (14) Getty (15) Getty (16)Getty (17)Getty (18)Getty (19)LisaGetty (56)

Then it was back to the Queen Mary, where we sought to finish the tour we began two days prior. Just as we were walking along her dock marveling again at her size, something amazing happened.  The Mary, typically completely still due to its surrounding rock-jetty protection, began to sway.  All 83,000 tons of her heaved and lurched toward where we stood on the dock, a mere 30 feet away, smashing against it with a terrifyingly loud screeching-crunch.  The dock shook for a while but held firm, thank goodness.  Wm thought an earthquake must have happened, since the wind wasn’t much to speak of, and after tuning-in to local news was proved right.  (He managed to record several seconds of the lurching from up-close, but unfortunately didn’t think to turn the camera on until the swelling had largely subsided.)

We took a break in our room until things seemed safe again, and then resumed the tour starting with the ship’s engine room, a dank, dark place that convinced Lisa and Spiral that the ship is indeed haunted.  Speaking of haunted, we soon snuck into her “Ghosts & Legends” exhibit, but only made it halfway before being discovered and escorted to an exit.

We ended our day on her bow, just in time to scare Spiral at 6pm with the mighty blast from her ship’s horn, which signals the end of the day’s tours and can be heard up to 20 miles away.
QueenMaryEaster (7)QueenMaryEaster (2)QueenMaryEaster (1)QueenMaryEaster (4)QueenMaryEaster (5)QueenMaryEaster (6)QueenMaryEaster (8)QueenMaryEaster (9)QueenMaryEaster (3)QueenMaryEaster (10)QueenMaryEaster (12)QueenMaryEaster (13)QueenMaryEaster (14)QueenMaryEaster (15)QueenMaryEaster (16)QueenMaryEaster (17)

We once again enjoyed the evening with dinner onboard, and got to bed a little earlier to be ready for our next adventure in the morning!

2 Responses to “Nothing Says Easter Like A Chili-Cheeseburger”

  1. Kathy Nali Says:

    Bob says iffen they have jalepanos there that he would drive down there just for that burger

  2. DriveToPark Says:

    There was some sort of peppers – but not sure if they were Jalepenos. They were pretty darn good though.

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