Knott’s Berry Farm

Today we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, which calls itself "America’s First Amusement Park".

Wm’s first job was as a busboy and cheese-grater there, and he has many happy memories of time spent in the park.

We got our blood pumping with a brisk morning run on Ghost Rider, a sprawling wooden coaster with plenty of thrills. Then we toured the park on the original narrow-gauge railroad brought over from Rio Grande line in 1952.  As you can see in the photos below, Spiral wasn’t the least bit intimidated by the bandits that boarded and asked him for cents.

Despite Spy’s being allergic to chicken, we had lunch in Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant on the recommendation of Lisa’s friend Nora, who loves their chicken and biscuits.  We now love them too!  (Spy had his usual: a hamburger with no toppings.)

We were 2/2 for lost items found: Wm almost lost his iPhone, but it was fortunately found by a nice Englishman who we were able to locate by calling the phone.  Spiral left his hat in a bumper car, but retrieved it a couple of hours later.

Lisa got nauseous after the second ride, and nearly every one that followed, but heroically managed to hold onto her biscuits.

We ended-up riding the Calico Mine Ride twice, since it’s one of Wm’s favorites, and just about every other ride in the park before heading back to the Queen Mary for our last night onboard.  (Interestingly, they’re filming a movie here for the next couple of days called “The Cape”.)

Knotts (1)Knotts (2)Knotts (3)Knotts (4) Knotts (5)Knotts (6)P1000582 Knotts (8)Knotts (9)P1000623 Knotts (11)Knotts (12)

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  1. Kathy Says:

    wow that one pic of the three of you is really a nice pic

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