Hearst Castle

Today we left the Queen Mary and drove Highway 1 up the coast to Hearst Castle, the “palace extraordinaire” of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst.  We took “Tour #1”, a 1.75 hour tour that explored some of the grounds, two pools, a guest house, and “Casa Grande” itself.  This was an outstanding tour; easily worth the 4.5 hours of driving and ticket price!  It’s amazing to see what people with almost unlimited funds can do when pursuing a dream.

The state of California currently manages the grounds, since Hearst died in 1952.  They provide an ample visitors center and show a film about the building of “the castle”.  It’s a unique and truly remarkable place!  Just look at the photos!:

Hearst (23)Hearst (1)Hearst (2)Hearst (3)Hearst (4)Hearst (5)Hearst (6)Hearst (7)Hearst (24)Hearst (26)Hearst (25)Hearst (10)Hearst (11)Hearst (12)Hearst (13)Hearst (14)Hearst (16)Hearst (17)Hearst (18)Hearst (19)Hearst (20)Hearst (21)Hearst (22)

Afterwards, we drove to Ventura to spend the night.  The drive home was made more fun with some help from group-effort crossword puzzles. 🙂

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