Magic Mountain

Another sunny day in Southern Callifornia! We slept late today, still sore and a tired from our 5 mile hike yesterday.  After washing several hundred miles of bugs off the car, we headed to Magic Mountain: California’s best and largest roller-coaster park!

After entering the park we made a bee-line for The Revolution: the world’s first “looping” coaster and an oldie-but-goodie.  It hasn’t been the same since County laws restricted its speed and required the addition of “horse collar” seat restraints, but it’s still fairly fun.

Spiral and I then got in line for “X2” an insane “5 dimensional” coaster that had Lisa bowing-out for fear of nausea. We couldn’t blame her: it’s absolutely mind-bogglingly crazy. But unluckily, after waiting in line for 90 minutes it was shut-down for repairs with no ETA, so we left the line in frustration. But our disappointment was soon diminished by a thrilling ride on Viper: a high-speed coaster with multiple loops, and a much shorter wait even though it too suffered a ~15 minute repair delay. As you can see in the photo, Lisa joined us and had a great time! (Her hood is on to keep hair out of her face.) Wm was reminded of how his friend Norm, who rode it with Keanu Reaves once, heard Keanu comment afterward: “That was intense!”  It is intense indeed!


Well, it turns-out that visiting Southern California amusement parks during Spring Break isn’t a great idea.  The lines are long since crowds are full of teens not in school, and ride-operators are few since it’s still the off-season.  But we made the best of a bad situation; skipping the longer lines and enjoying the less-popular rides that are still plenty of fun! Oh, and we ate plenty of Dippin-Dots. 🙂


The highlight of our day was riding Goliath just before the park closed at 8pm.  As its name implies, this coaster is amazingly large! Words can’t do it justice.  It simply towers over it neighbor Colossus, one of the tallest wooden coasters in the world.  With an initial drop of 255’ at ~85mph, Goliath alone is worth the price of admission (if you’re brave enough to ride it!)  It’s simply breathtaking!


At the end of the night, we were overjoyed to find that the funnel-cake store was still open. What better way to end our day than with the rollercoaster of foods! Yum! 🙂


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