Beach and Phillipes

After a week of excitement, we decided to take it easy today before driving Spiral home to Orange County.

While we were still in Ventura, we thought it would be fun to visit Wm’s Grandma’s old beach-house in Oxnard and the beach he played on as a kid.  He hadn’t seen it in ~20 years, and was glad to share it with Lisa and his son. Spiral had a great time building sandcastle walls and moats, and watching them be overrun by incoming waves.

On the drive South, we stopped in Los Angeles at Phillipes: a 90-year-old restaurant and home of the original “french dip” sandwich! This restaurant is a classic LA dining experience.  Wm’s mom even mentioned that his Grandma used to eat there on dates!  We thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches, and even sampled the pickled eggs and pigs feet!

Then it was back in the car for a sit in LA traffic on the way to Orange County, where we dropped Spiral off at his home. We will miss him as we journey onward, but will get to see him perform with his clarinet in an ensemble tomorrow afternoon.

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