Joshua Tree National Park – Day 1

IMG_0120 Finally free from the horrors of So-Cal traffic, we arrived at Joshua Tree’s visitor’s center ~4:30pm and excitedly stamped our journals for the second time.  We purchased an annual pass for all parks for a meager $80, and got some tips on what to see from the friendly ranger there.  We toured inside and around the center, familiarizing ourselves with local flora and fauna and snapping a few photos before grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby Del Taco.
JoshuaTree (2)JoshuaTree (1)JoshuaTree (3)JoshuaTree (12)JoshuaTree (11)JoshuaTree (13)

After dinner, we drove to the “Jumbo Rocks” campground area to watch the sunset!  As you can see, the rocks there are amazing!
JoshuaTree (10)JoshuaTree (4)JoshuaTree (6)JoshuaTree (5)JoshuaTree (7)JoshuaTree (8)JoshuaTree (9)JoshuaTree (14) 
A short while after sunset we were entertained and educated by park ranger Tara’s photo-presentation on local plants and wildflowers in the campground’s amphitheater.  The campgrounds are currently full due to spring-break, so we retired to a motel room in nearby Twenty-nine Palms under a night sky full of stars!  Tomorrow we get to explore the park in full!

One Response to “Joshua Tree National Park – Day 1”

  1. Bill Says:

    Love quail. We have one of those in our back yard, once in a while.

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