Petrified Forest National Park

StampLocated in in northern Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park provides a fascinating glimpse of geological history.  As the name suggests, it contains the world’s largest collection of petrified trees, which were placed under federal protection to ensure future generations have a chance to enjoy them!

The “trees” largely consist of quartz, the product of two million years of silica chemically replacing the wood’s natural cellulose, and as you can see below can be quite colorful!

PetrifiedForest (24)PetrifiedForest (1)PetrifiedForest (2)PetrifiedForest (3)PetrifiedForest (4)PetrifiedForest (5)PetrifiedForest (6)

The northern part of the park is called “The Painted Desert”, and features colorful mesas and valleys:
PetrifiedForest (9)PetrifiedForest (7)PetrifiedForest (8)PetrifiedForest (10)PetrifiedForest (11)PetrifiedForest (12)PetrifiedForest (13)PetrifiedForest (14)PetrifiedForest (23)

The Hopi once called this area home.  There are still a few signs of their having lived here; their ruins and petroglyphs dot the land:
PetrifiedForest (15)PetrifiedForest (16)PetrifiedForest (17)PetrifiedForest (18)PetrifiedForest (19)PetrifiedForest (20)

The park features no overnight camping and few hikes, but is mostly accessible by car.  However, we did manage to get in a few miles of hiking nonetheless. The weather was fortunately beautiful, with both mild wind and temperatures.  We had a great time in the park and enjoying neighboring town Holbrook’s “Route 66” historical roadside attractions.
PetrifiedForest (21)PetrifiedForest (22)

Oh, and most importantly: Lisa learned to drive stick-shift today in Wm’s Subaru!

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