On the Road – New Mexico & Colorado

Today was another long driving day.  The morning started off with a bit of a scare – the check engine light.  Thankfully we quickly realized that the freezing temperature at night causes the vacuum seal in the gas tank to break.  An easy problem to fix.  After a couple of hours, we crossed into New Mexico with its many billboards advertising Native American art & jewelry. 


We stopped to have lunch at another of the Road Food book recommendations, The famous El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, NM.  This hotel and restaurant were frequented by many Hollywood stars while in town filming Western Movies.  The lobby is filled with memorabilia and western artifacts.   Lisa had the Marilyn Monroe – a hamburger patty with fruit and cottage cheese. William had a delicious bowl of chili.

  P1010071P1010072P1010073  P1010069  

We then headed North through Navajo territory, where the poverty of its residents made us thankful for all that we have.  It was a very dusty ride, we saw several dust devils along the way.  The flat desert landscape occasionally gave way to towering mesas that appeared to come out of nowhere. 


We finally crossed into Colorado where we stayed for the night in the town of Mancos, just a few minutes from our destination, the Mesa Verde National Park.

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