Mesa Verde National Park

IMG_0009Mesa Verde is a spectacular National Park that features stunning vistas and the cliff-wall ruins of “Anasazi” dwellings. We spent the day exploring several of these sites, and learning about the history of the ancient pueblo people that lived within them over 800 years ago.  Despite seemingly rudimentary technology, these people lived rich and happy lives in tune with the land around them.  It was only after ~20 years of drought caused shortness in their crops that they packed-up and scattered southwards and towards the Rio Grande, where their descendants still live today.

We had great fun climbing up and down ladders and cliff-sides to reach their secluded dwellings, where they stored food away from animals, kept warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe from any predators/tribes that would do them harm. These people were smaller in stature than us, so reaching some places required a bit of a squeeze and fortitude. One tunnel in particular was only 18 inches wide, as you can see in the photos below. 🙂
MesaVerde (1)MesaVerde (2)MesaVerde (3)MesaVerde (4)MesaVerde (5)MesaVerde (6)MesaVerde (7)MesaVerde (8)MesaVerde (9)MesaVerde (10)MesaVerde (11)MesaVerde (12)MesaVerde (13)MesaVerde (14)MesaVerde (15)MesaVerde (16)MesaVerde (17)MesaVerde (18)MesaVerde (19)MesaVerde (20)MesaVerde (21)MesaVerde (28)

Being atop a mesa, there isn’t a large abundance of animal life, but we did spot a few deer and wild horses that made Lisa’s day!  (Sadly, we didn’t encounter any bears; yet!)
MesaVerde (22)MesaVerde (23)MesaVerde (24)MesaVerde (25)MesaVerde (26)MesaVerde (27)

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