Great Sand Dunes National Park

IMG_0010Last night we stayed in the lovely town of Durango, Colorado, a place we both liked very much.  The people were happy, down-to-earth, and environmentally-conscious, which reminded us of our beloved Seattle. The homes and buildings we saw were beautiful and the cost of living seemed low; at least based on the amount of food we received for $10, and much cheaper motel costs.

We enjoyed a fine breakfast at another “Roadfood” book recommendation “The Durango Diner”, consisting of yummy omelets and fine coffee.  We then spent most the day driving through majestic mountains and scenic farmland on our way to Great Sand Dunes National Park.


We reached the park about 2:30pm.  As the name implies, the park’s main feature is 200 square miles of gigantic sand dunes that range in heights up to 650 feet tall!  Having read about them beforehand, Lisa was eager to roll down one of the enormous dunes.  But unfortunately very high winds whipped sand with enough force to stop us before she could roll.  We made the best of it, and had what fun we could exploring the area before our free microdermabrasion session became too much to bear.  (Our footsteps were disappearing almost as fast as we made them!) With not a lot more to see, and more bad weather forecast for tomorrow, we left the park early to get a head-start driving to our next park.

IMG_0062IMG_0018IMG_0011 IMG_0016IMG_0027IMG_0029IMG_0055

Many road-hours to the north in Colorado Springs, we enjoyed a fine dinner at yet another “Roadfood” recommendation: Conway’s “Red Top Burgers”, which provided some fantastic burgers that are definitely worth the stop!  Given their enormous size, we ordered half-burgers and soup/chili. This photo’s for you, Uncle Bob! 🙂

3 Responses to “Great Sand Dunes National Park”

  1. kathy Says:

    were they good cause while they look huge they just dont look like kick ass burgers to me for some reason

    i like a burger to run down your arm and somehow i dont see these doing that hehehhehe

  2. kathy Says:

    colorado is a beautiful place i just cant breath there

  3. Kristi Hatch Hillis Says:

    Hey Lisa, Wish I had seen that you were coming to Alamosa to the Sand Dunes. I live here in ALamosa. Sorry to hear it was a windy day, but that is spring here in the valley. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

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