Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park

Stamp Less well-known than other National Parks is Black Canyon of the Gunnison in western Colorado.  It features 2000 foot high sheer walls and depths greater than any canyon in North America, having been carved by the Gunnison river over 15 million years.

Our visit consisted of driving along its southern rim, stopping at its many scenic outlooks, and snapping a few hundred photographs.  Words can’t relate how majestic the views are; even the photos below barely hint at the scale of the place:
BlackCanyon (1)BlackCanyon (2)BlackCanyon (6)BlackCanyon (3)BlackCanyon (8)BlackCanyon (4)BlackCanyon (7)BlackCanyon (9)BlackCanyon (13)BlackCanyon (11)BlackCanyon (16)BlackCanyon (12)BlackCanyon (15)BlackCanyon (14)BlackCanyon (17)BlackCanyon (18)

While hiking back from one of the viewpoints, appropriately named “Devil’s Overlook”, we followed several Mule-Deer and Mountain-Lion footprints through the brush hoping to see one resting. After giving up, we discovered that Lisa’s shoe had picked up a hitch-hiker:
BlackCanyon (10)

For lunch, we rested in a small picnic area near the highest point of the park, before hiking to Warner Point (named after the fellow who persuaded Congress to protect the park in 1933.)

Along the way we spotted a muddy-nosed squirrel, who gratefully posed for our camera between chewing on grasses.
BlackCanyon (20)BlackCanyon (19)

At the end of the day we braved the road down the canyon wall to the river, with steep 16% grades!  Even with the Subie in its very-low 2nd gear we still had to brake often!  At the bottom, we pondered the pretty greenish-tinged water, and contemplated what it might be like to travel the 6 mile under-mountain tunnel used by the Gunnison river diversion, a marvel in its own right.
 BlackCanyon (21)BlackCanyon (22)IMG_0379

4 Responses to “Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park”

  1. Kelli Says:

    I hope you thought of your family at Warner point! 🙂

  2. Paula Norman Says:

    This is such a wonderful way to capture a trip of a life time. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  3. DriveToPark Says:

    Of course I did Kelli. Hope you and your family are doing well. Saw your niece was coming to visit – hope you are having fun with her.

    Aunt Paula – glad you are enjoying the blog. It will be nice to have this after it is all over. Plus we can use this content for a book or scrapbook that we hope to create.

    Miss you all!

  4. Dustin Says:

    Majestic is almost an understatement. This place looks amazing!

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