Arches National Park


We just spent two wonderful days at Arches National Park, which contains over 2000 natural rock arches: the greatest concentration in the USA.  Upon entering the park, newcomers are immediately struck by the size and intense red hue of the surrounding mesa cliffs.  The landscape itself is awash with color: orange, red, yellow, green, and even blue, thanks to a high quantity of copper in the soil.

Having arrived in the afternoon, our first day was a short one, but no-less memorable thanks to a dramatic thunderstorm that appeared just as quickly as it departed, leaving a magical quality to the normally dry desert air.
Arches (1)Arches (18)Arches (4)Arches (6)Arches (5)Arches (3)Arches (7)Arches (8)Arches (9)

We returned early the next day to explore more of the park, much of which is viewable by car, and short walks from roadside turnouts.
Arches (26)Arches (2)Arches (10)Arches (11)Arches (12)Arches (13)

We thoroughly enjoyed the 3-mile hike up a massive slickrock slope to the park’s iconic “Delicate Arch”, a stunning, must-see formation and other-worldly place to eat lunch.  We’re actually in these arch photos, but look like ants next to its gigantic size!
Arches (17)Arches (14)Arches (15)Arches (16)

A later hike, about 2 miles in length, had us viewing more arches, as well as “Landscape Arch”: a 306-foot wide tendril of stone that could fall to earth at any moment. We saw video in the Parks’ Visitor Center of a 45-ton chunk of this arch falling-off, which made standing near or under any of the arches frightening.
Arches (19)Arches (20)Arches (21)Arches (22)Arches (23)Arches (24)Arches (25)

The park was a little more crowded than we’d been exposed to thus-far,  given the popularity of the park coupled with both “free national park week” and nearby town Moab’s upcoming desert racing events.  We were without bandwidth, so this is being posted a little late.

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