Canyonlands National Park and Moab Car Culture

Canyonlands (5) Last night, we finally tested-out our camping gear at a beautiful campsite along the Colorado river!  While it was a little chilly, we slept warm & cozy under our many blankets and REI sleeping pads (highly recommended!)  This is what we woke-up to this morning:
Canyonlands (1)Canyonlands (2)Canyonlands (3)

After a breakfast at Moab’s local “Jailhouse Cafe”, we made the short drive to Canyonlands National Park.  Unfortunately the weather at the park was cold and overcast, but we still had a nice time attending a Ranger’s presentation on the geology of the park and taking a few short hikes to fascinating viewpoints like “Upheaval Canyon”, where geologists still aren’t sure what caused the giant crater-like formation. 

Canyonlands (4)Canyonlands (6)Canyonlands (7)Canyonlands (10)Canyonlands (8)Canyonlands (9)Canyonlands (16)Canyonlands (11)Canyonlands (12)Canyonlands (13)Canyonlands (14)Canyonlands (15)

The park is split into 3 distinct parts, separated by the confluence of both Colorado and Green rivers, but given how inaccessible the other two parts were and how many more parks we want to see, this was one of our shorter park days.  We spent the late afternoon back in Moab, where large crowds of people were gathering for the weekend’s car-enthusiast activities.  Wm shot over a hundred photos alongside chaotic Main Street, the only highway in town, where restored classic cars cruised alongside 18-wheelers:
Moab (1)Moab (2)Moab (3)Moab (5)Moab (4)Moab (6)Moab (8)Moab (7)

We then returned to our campsite where we burned-up the last of our firewood and slept like logs.

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