Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce (2)Bryce Canyon is a strong contender for our favorite National Park so far, and we don’t think we’re alone.  No where else on Earth do rocks play and dance in as dense a concentration.  We spent 2 days exploring its wonderful sights!

Our first day was unfortunately met with overcast weather, but the second day’s clear skies more than made-up for it.  We spent the night camping inside the park.  Despite high-winds and an overnight low of 26-degrees, we stayed nice and warm inside of our tent.

Most of the park can be seen from viewpoints along the main road, but the the adventurous will be well-served by embarking on the somewhat strenuous hike to the canyon floor that’s branded as “the best 3-mile hike in the world!” Strong words, but it certainly does not disappoint!  The journey takes you from the top of the canyon down through “The Queen’s Garden”, a beautiful display of “hoodoos” that gives you a taste of things to come.  From there the trail leads deeper through the canyon, through firs and multi-colored dunes, until climbing back to the rim via steep yet rewarding switchbacks, that offer amazing views of different towering hoodoos at every turn.
Bryce (1)Bryce (3)Bryce (5)Bryce (4)Bryce (6)Bryce (8)Bryce (9)Bryce (10)Bryce (11)Bryce (12)Bryce (13)Bryce (14)Bryce (16)Bryce (17)Bryce (30)Bryce (18)Bryce (19)Bryce (20)Bryce (21)Bryce (22)Bryce (27)Bryce (23)Bryce (24)Bryce (28)Bryce (29)

As for wildlife, we encountered two new varieties in this park: a young pronghorn and a field full of prairie dogs. We also made good friends with a very extroverted chipmunk that was skilled at charming snacks out of passing hikers:
Bryce (7)Bryce (15)Bryce (25)Bryce (26)

3 Responses to “Bryce Canyon National Park”

  1. corrinne Says:

    Wow, I like this place!! 🙂

  2. Bonnie Says:

    I can see why this was your favorite so far! I can hardly wait to show everyone the pictures at bunco. Love, Mom

  3. Kathy Says:

    wow how pretty

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