Zion National Park

Zion (1)We spent the day at Zion National Park, another popular Utah park, most notable for its large and deep canyon that runs the length of the park.  We spent most of our time there; hiking a few trails and admiring its scenery.

The park provides free shuttle service to the sights and trailheads along the narrow canyon floor, to support a larger number of visitors than would be possible otherwise, which was a nice change for Wm since he didn’t have to drive.

Water features more prominently here than in the other parks we’ve seen thus far.  “Weeping Rock” is an alcove in a massive porous sandstone cliff that seeps water from rains 2000 years prior, giving life to a variety of flowers and mosses.  Near the northern narrows of the canyon, the “Temple of Sinawava” features a spectacular waterfall that feeds the Virgin river, as well as rare desert swampland.  While hiking there we spotted two rare wild turkeys, and even captured a photo of one in flight!
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The following day we had a great time visiting Wm’s sisters and their families, who live in nearby Toquerville, before making the long drive to our next park!

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