Grand Canyon National Park

IMG_0026Anyone who grew up with The Brady Bunch is familiar with the Grand Canyon, a space so incredibly massive it’s impossible to wrap one’s mind around.  As you walk its rim, the lack of perspective change resembles more a Hollywood backdrop than a wonder of the natural world.

We spent our day riding the “Red Line” shuttle along the southern rim, stopping at each viewpoint to marvel at its magnitude.  Most of the park’s hikes involve a ~2,000 foot descent – and corresponding harrowing climb back up – so we took it easy and just walked small paths along the canyon edge.  The lack of accessibility due to its enormous size is a little disappointing.  Wm is convinced they should build a few low-footprint gondola-lifts between the canyon floor and opposing rims.

After dark, we enjoyed an IMAX film about the canyon’s history, which took us as close to the bottom of the canyon as we’d get this trip.  Unfortunately, our helicopter-tour reservations for the second day were cancelled due to a snowstorm just before our flight.  So, we didn’t get as many photos as we’d like before we had to leave.


Wildlife in the park was somewhat scarce, but we did manage to spot a few Western Bluebirds!

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