Vegas, Baby!

We took a brief break from our National Park tour to visit Lisa’s Dad & Joyce in Las Vegas.  It was a family affair as Lisa’s sister Mariah and her 3 year old Emma were also in town!  We stayed 4 nights and had a wonderful time.  It was so nice to have home-cooked meals and just sit on the couch again. Wm spent time bonding with various forms of technology and Lisa enjoyed soaking-up 85-90 degree sun by the pool and catching up with her family.  We both were also happy to sleep-in and just be lazy whenever we wanted.  Visiting National Parks can be exhausting!

Aside from Joyce’s home-made cooking, a highlight was eating at Buzz BBQ: one of the first places Dad & Joyce ate when they moved to Vegas.  Lisa was excited to take Wm there, knowing his love for BBQ.  Wm was not disappointed, in fact he believes it is the best BBQ west of the Mississippi.  We both ate way too much, but it was just delicious!  The pulled-pork and peach cobbler are well worth the drive to North Vegas if you are ever in town.  Dad & Joyce also got us tickets to the “Divas” show at Imperial Palace, which featured men in drag impersonating performances like Lady Gaga and Bette Midler.  It was pretty crazy!

It was sad to leave as Lisa is still adjusting to her dad living out-of-state, but more Parks await!  Thanks again Dad & Joyce for being so welcoming and such wonderful hosts! 🙂


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