Yosemite National Park – Part 1

Yosemite (5)

One of the first and best National Parks is Yosemite, a 1,189 square mile natural extravaganza in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

Our day’s drive to the park from Death Valley was a long one, because the Eastern passes were closed due to heavy snow and ice.  We drove through Bishop and around the northern edge of the Sierras for many hours before progressing toward the park itself.  The rim of the park was covered in snow, but we made it down into Yosemite valley without any trouble.

We were pleased to find that the valley itself was green and vibrant with Spring! Our first stop was Bridalveil Falls, which was overflowing with water and soaking the viewpoint paths, and visitors, below.  We then checked-in to Curry Village and settled into our canvas tent for the evening.

Yosemite (2)Yosemite (11)Yosemite (3)

The following day was overcast and began to rain in the afternoon.  This made photographing scenery less attractive, so we focused on subjects closer at hand.  We spent the day touring the park via free shuttles. By evening it began to snow, so we took shelter in the cafeteria and a public lounge until bedtime.
Yosemite (4)Yosemite (6)Yosemite (7)Yosemite (8)Yosemite (9)Yosemite (10)

The following day was sunny.  After a late start thanks to a very cold night & morning, we took a small hike up to Mirror Lake to have lunch.  This was an incredibly beautiful walk that highlighted many of the park’s finer features: spectacular granite walls, pure cascading rivers, emerald pools, and a bounty of plants and wildlife:
Yosemite (12)Yosemite (13)Yosemite (15)Yosemite (16)Yosemite (18)Yosemite (19)Yosemite (22)Yosemite (20)Yosemite (21)YosemiteYosemite (23)

We later enjoyed a stroll through one of the valley’s meadows where we saw our first coyote!
Yosemite (24)Yosemite (25)Yosemite (26)Yosemite (28)Yosemite (29)

We headed back to camp by strolling along the Merced River, snapping photos of small swift birds, and keeping a wary eye out for the bears that Wm assured Lisa we’d see here!
 Yosemite (30)Yosemite (31)Yosemite (32)Yosemite (34)Yosemite (33)

We’re here for 3 more days; there will be more to come!

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