Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen (9)Prior to the eruption of Mount Saint Helens, Lassen Peak in Northern California was the most recent volcanic eruption in the Cascade range having erupted in 1914.  Two years later, in 1916, it became a National Park.

We entered the Park from the northeast via its Loomis entrance, after an adventure in off-road rally racing courtesy of our SatNav system nicknamed “Betty”.  We were a couple of weeks early for the Park’s main season, so only 10 miles of road were open due to snow.  Even its Visitor Center was closed, which created a small panic as we feared we wouldn’t be able to get the all-important Park stamp for our journals.  But fortunately Carol the Ranger who mans the entrance booth had thought ahead and brought the stamp and pad with her!

But sadly, due to the six feet of snow on the ground, our visit was a short one.  We saw what we could: a quick stop at “Manzanita Lake” and views of Lassen Peak and a “Devastated Area”.  It’s indeed a lovely Park, though, and we hope to return one day to see it in its entirety!
Lassen (1)Lassen (2)Lassen (3)Lassen (4)Lassen (5)Lassen (6)Lassen (7)Lassen (8)

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