Redwood National Park

Redwood (1)We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Redwood National Park over two days!  Located on northern California’s coast, this Park contains a different breed of tree than those in Sequoia NP.  These trees are among the tallest in the world: towering up to 360 feet tall!

Our first day it rained heavily, but that didn’t stop us Seattleites from donning raincoats and pushing into the mist on a 4-mile strenuous hike to the permit-required “Tall Tree Grove”.  Our pants were soaked before we’d gone a third of a mile, but we pressed on and fortunately never slipped on the muddy downward trail.  The rain subsided just as we reached the grove, allowing us to take photos amongst the quiet giants!
Redwood (36)Redwood (2)Redwood (3)Redwood (4)Redwood (5)Redwood (6)Redwood (8)Redwood (9)Redwood (10)Redwood (11)Redwood (13)Redwood (12)Redwood (14)Redwood (15)Redwood (17)Redwood (20)Redwood (21)Redwood (22)

It’s hard to tell the height of these trees from a photograph, but look carefully at this next one and see if you can find Lisa in her blue coat standing below a few of these mighty monuments!
Redwood (16)

On our second day the weather was beautiful, so we walked up “Fern Canyon” a small stream with 30-foot high walls covered in ferns that empties into the ocean.  The stream was fuller than usual, covering the small trail and making the hike a wet-footed one, but extremely beautiful nonetheless!  Closer to the beach, we encountered a herd of elk, and several pretty bluish birds that nest in the tall grasses.

We then drove several miles of muddy dirt roads along the coastline, stopping at viewpoints overlooking the surf below.  At one of these, where the Klamath river empties into the ocean, we saw several gray whales feeding close to the shoreline.  We hiked down a beautiful wildflower and snake-covered hillside to get a better look.  (Fortunately, the snakes were very shy, and the forewarned “tick infestation” didn’t become a problem.)
Redwood (25)Redwood (27)Redwood (28)Redwood (29)Redwood (30)Redwood (31)Redwood (33)Redwood (32)Redwood (34)Redwood (35)

We had a great time at this extremely lovely park!  If you’re ever in the area, you absolutely must at least drive through it along highway 101!

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