Driving to the Olympic Peninsula

Itching to get back on the road, we decided to head over to the Olympic Peninsula to visit Olympic National Park.  But before we could get there, a few stops were in order:

Fat Smitty’s in Discovery Bay

As far as burgers go, Fat Smitty’s is a religious experience.  Indeed, back when Wm lived in nearby Port Townsend, he often partook on Sundays of these greasy heavenly sacraments! 

We had the place mostly to ourselves, which made photographing its amazing interior less disruptive.  After gorging ourselves on fat cheeseburgers and fries, we made the short drive to “Elevated Ice Cream” in downtown Port Townsend for their delicious “Swiss Orange Chocolate Chip” ice cream cones.  It’s so hard to stay skinny in a world of such high-calorie wonders!
OlympicPeninsula (1)OlympicPeninsula (2)

Olympic Game Farm in Sequim

The Olympic Game Farm is something everyone must experience for themselves!  Words and pictures will never do it justice.  You owe it to yourself, and your kids if you have them, to go! 

The park consists of several types of wild animals in pens that you drive your car through.  The brave may roll their windows down and hand-feed bread to Yaks, Zebra, Buffalo, Elk, and Deer, who are all too eager to stick their heads inside your car to reach the victuals.  The Bears on display are fortunately behind fences, where they have become expert at catching bread and performing small tricks to encourage more throwing.  There is even a pen full of wild eagles, drawn there by some sort of meat in a cage on the ground, which they fight over.

We arrived just before closing at 5pm, which meant a hurried visit, but fortunately the Buffalo, which can be somewhat aggressive and frightening, were tired and didn’t rise from where they lay to approach the car.
OlympicPeninsula (3)OlympicPeninsula (4)OlympicPeninsula (5)OlympicPeninsula (7)OlympicPeninsula (6)OlympicPeninsula (8)OlympicPeninsula (9)OlympicPeninsula (10)OlympicPeninsula (11)

We managed to shoot video too; check them out!

2 Responses to “Driving to the Olympic Peninsula”

  1. Bill Barr Says:

    When we go over to the Lavender Festival, we’ll have to stop for a burger.

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