North Cascades National Park

Cascades (7)After taking the summer off to avoid crowds (well Wm took time off, as you may know Lisa went to Europe and blogged about her travels at, we were itching to visit more of America’s National Parks!

North Cascades National Park is only a couple hours drive from our home near Seattle, where it is situated in the Cascade mountain range that divides Washington State into “wet” and “dry” halves.  This extensive range begins in Canada and extends southward through Oregon and into Northern California, with hundreds of peaks rising over 8000 feet in elevation.

We arrived just after noon on a very warm day.  With no admission fee required, we were soon stamping our passport books at the park’s Visitor Center and learning about what the park held in store.
Cascades (6)Cascades (21)

Our first major stop was Diablo Lake, with its vibrant turquoise-blue that seems to glow with unearthly light:
Cascades (31)
Cascades (43)Cascades (54)

Given how warm the day was, we opted for the drive up to higher elevations in hopes of cooler temperatures.  The highway that runs through the park is surely one of the nicest drives in the world, with sweeping curves, smooth slopes, and majestic views. It reaches its apex at Washington Pass, where the usual snow-covered peaks were largely absent for our late-summer visit.
Cascades (62)Cascades (72)Cascades (76)Cascades (83)

On our way down, we stopped for a brief but rewarding hike to “Blue Lake”, a high-altitude body of stunningly clear waters.
Cascades (105)Cascades (125)Cascades (138)Cascades (143)Cascades (157)Cascades (159)Cascades (166)

Because we were so close to home, we decided to for-go camping, instead opting for the comforts of a real bed.  But, we were so impressed with this Park’s natural beauty, we’ll no doubt return to explore its more remote regions.

2 Responses to “North Cascades National Park”

  1. Bill Barr Says:

    Diablo Lake is beautiful indeed! I have a new set of n-spec tires so, we should haul up there while the weather is still good.

    • Wm Says:

      Oh, I’d love to do that, but will be on the road across America the day after tomorrow. Try not to crash it until I get back in a couple of months (if we’re lucky!)

      Just got back from Alaska yesterday; more posts soon!

      BTW, big court day tomorrow for WaMu starting noon our time. Perhaps one of the biggest yet?

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