Glacier Bay National Park

IMG_0001 There are no roads to Glacier Bay.  Your options are: boat or plane.  We chose boat!  Cruise-ship, in fact.

We began a week-long Alaskan cruise by boarding Holland America’s “M.S. Oosterdam” in Seattle.  We were soon at sea on our way to Alaska, and after an enjoyable night of food and entertainment, arrived the following morning at Glacier Bay!

Alaska (156)GlacierBay (30)GlacierBay (36)

As we entered the bay, Rangers came alongside and boarded our ship to provide information about the Park.  They pointed-out humpback whales, sea-otters, and sea-lions as we sailed-along, and described the geology of the beautiful mountains and coves around us.  The deeper into the bay we travelled the more raw the landscape became; new ground uncovered by receding glacial ice.
GlacierBay (86)GlacierBay (79)GlacierBay (99)GlacierBay (102)GlacierBay (191)GlacierBay (109)GlacierBay (326)GlacierBay (222)

We marveled at the size and majesty of glaciers.  The ship stopped alongside Margerie Glacier, a massive tidewater glacier that often “calves” enormous chunks of ice into the sea.  We were lucky to have a warm and clear day to encourage ice-melt and provide spectacular views!
GlacierBay (163)GlacierBay (200)GlacierBay (153)GlacierBay (247)GlacierBay (260)GlacierBay (261)upGlacierBay (281)GlacierBay (209)

This is a truly remarkable place that everyone should see with their own eyes.  A cruse-ship’s comfort and high vantage-point provide an exceptional way to do so.

As we exited the Park, our attention was directed to a number of bears fighting over a whale-carcass that had washed ashore several months earlier:
GlacierBay (373)

After a lovely day of fresh air and sunshine, we returned inside where Wm taught Lisa how to play Chess:
GlacierBay (340)

One Response to “Glacier Bay National Park”

  1. Bill Says:

    Glad to see you 2 made it back. Great shots of the blue ice!

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