Glacier National Park

Glacier (7)Glacier is located on the Northern U.S. border in Montana.  We spent 2 days exploring it, which was barely enough time to take-in its natural richness.  This is definitely one of the prettier Parks we’ve visited, with majestic mountains, dense alpine forests, and plenty of water features.  The rocks and pebbles vary in hue from red to blue to yellow, resulting in spectacularly colorful cliffs, rivers, and streams.  It’s hard to tell from our photos that it was overcast most of the time we were there.
Glacier (4)Glacier (371)Glacier (229)Glacier (9)Glacier (348)Glacier (10)Glacier (367)Glacier (337)Glacier (20)

There is only one main road in the park, which climbs thousands of feet up sheer mountain walls that tower into the clouds.  The road is only two lanes wide, and due to a large amount of snow-melt from the glacial peaks each year, is under constant repair to avoid being washed-away by spontaneous streams.  This makes for a very memorable drive, as your climb up the mountain is rewarded with breathtaking views and myriad waterfalls and “weeping walls”.  It was on this drive that we saw our first Park wildlife: mountain goats and bighorn sheep, high on slopes above us!

Glacier (27)Glacier (36)Glacier (57)Glacier (34)Glacier (144)Glacier (156)Glacier (179)Glacier (167)Glacier (176)

On our first day there, we drove all the way to “Many Glacier” with hopes of seeing a grizzly, but all we found was a rainbow and cold rain.  The glaciers were pretty, but were dwarfed by those we just saw in Alaska. 

Glacier (79)Glacier (78)

Halfway up the mountains, there’s a lovely grove of trees that was struck by lightning that we found to be particularly photogenic:
Glacier (103)Glacier (107)Glacier (119)Glacier (131)

High above the valley, at “Logan Pass”, there’s a fantastic 3-mile boardwalk-hike to “Hidden Lake”.  Bundled-up in warm clothes to combat the brisk weather, we enjoyed hiking through a stunning landscape, complete with several small-eared squirrels, a few marmots and another Bighorn Sheep that was far away and a challenge to spot!

Glacier (201)Glacier (184)Glacier (193)Glacier (202)Glacier (216)Glacier (227)Glacier (250)Glacier (303)Glacier (271)Glacier (282)

On our way out of the park, still disappointed at having not seen a bear, we encountered this young fellow climbing a tree:
Glacier (321)

We had just enough time for one last small hike up “Avalanche Creek” to the gorge at its apex.  The beautiful scenery gave Wm a chance to experiment with high dynamic-range photography:
Glacier (374)Glacier Gorge

3 Responses to “Glacier National Park”

  1. Bill Barr Says:

    It’s a beautiful place! I’ve seen it from the Alberta side.

  2. Karen Diaz Says:

    Hi! My husband, Alfred, took the photo of you two by the entrance sign! We also want to see all the National Parks, but we’re taking a few years to do it! We are now home from our most recent trip where we visited ten parks. We’ve really been enjoying following your progress. Thanks for sharing your website and photos with us!
    Alfred & Karen Diaz

    • DriveToPark Says:

      We remember you! Thanks again for taking that photo! We just finished up our second leg and are back home again. We have a couple more posts to do, perhaps later today.

      Of this leg of the trip, Glacier remained one of our favorites. Carlsbad Caverns is another must-see Park!

      We hope you make it to the others! They were all worth visiting, but a few were smaller and worth seeing last: Great Basin, Cuyahoga, and Guadalupe Mountains.

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