Wall Drug

No visit to South Dakota is complete without a stop at world-famous Wall Drug!

With hundreds of road-signs imploring you to stop-in for 5-cent coffee, free ice-water, a 6-foot tall rabbit, “new” T-rex, etc., it’s simply impossible to bypass. 

Wall Drugstore was purchased by Dorothy and Ted Hustead in 1931. After nearly five years of slow business, while seeing volumes of cars passing by on the freeway, Dorothy had an idea.  She realized they needed something to lure the traffic off the freeway and thought free ice water would do the trick.  After all, many of these folks had been travelling for days!  After posting colorful signs on the freeway advertising free water, the volume of traffic to the drugstore picked up exponentially.  They now have up to 20,000 visitors a day. 

The drugstore has now expanded to include shopping for western wear, western art, toys, candy, and much much more.  The property also includes a restaurant which we had dinner in and donuts and 5-cent coffee the next morning, as we stayed in Wall.  But the ‘backyard’ is the place we had the most fun in. Here are some of the marvels we discovered:
WallDrug (1)WallDrug (2)WallDrug (3)WallDrug (10)WallDrug (16)WallDrug (18)WallDrug (26)WallDrug (31)WallDrug (33)WallDrug (35)WallDrug (39)WallDrug (42)WallDrug (46)

2 Responses to “Wall Drug”

  1. Bill Says:

    That place has been featured on lots of road-trip shows.

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