Badlands National Park

Badlands (47)The Badlands is a huge natural ‘wall’ that extends a hundred miles through the dry plains of South Dakota. Water has carved away at the cliffs creating a colorful and dramatic scene. We were able to see firsthand that the weather changes quickly in this part of the country. The previous day was nice and mild, but when we woke up in the morning to explore the park, it was very cold and windy. This prevented us from doing any hiking, so we resorted to exploring the 32 mile loop by car, while taking a few short walks to get more intimate with the red rock peaks.

Badlands (3)Badlands (4)Badlands (8)Badlands (7)Badlands (6)Badlands (11)Badlands (25)Badlands (27)Badlands (28)Badlands (30)

On the drive we passed areas recently impacted by wildfires, the contrast of the black ground and red cliffs was interesting. Not many animals have decided to make the Badlands their home, but we did have fun watching the very entertaining, fat, prairie dogs in the park.

Badlands (48)Badlands (21)

Badlands (36)Badlands (38)Badlands (42)Badlands (53)Badlands (66)Badlands (63)Badlands (88)Badlands (96)Badlands (105)

One Response to “Badlands National Park”

  1. Bill Barr Says:

    It’s pretty amazing seeing this from the air, too. I flew over this on the latest trip back from Pittsburgh.

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