Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Stamp Theodore Roosevelt Park was named to honor the president who made a huge contribution to the National Park System by establishing five of the parks and creating the US Forest Service. He spent a lot of time ranching and hunting in North Dakota and once attributed the mental and physical toughness this land gave him, to preparing him for the role of President. This beautiful and intimate park features rivers, prairies, and colorfully striped hills. Other than taking in the scenery, two of our highlights were no surprise, interactions with wildlife. The park has several very large prairie dog towns. We had a lot of laughs watching them and listening to their chirped warnings of our presence. Our book and the park’s film had promised a large population of bison in the park. We searched for a couple hours and finally encountered a group of three, walking near the road. It was a great experience to be in such close proximity to these gentle giants.
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