Cuyahoga National Park

Cuyahoga (6)As we meet people and tell them about our experiences at the National Parks we’ve visited so far, one thing we always say is: “Every Park is different and special in its own way.”  Thus far, we have been to 33 Parks, and that statement still holds true, and Cuyahoga is no exception.

Stuck halfway between two big cities (Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio), Cuyahoga is one of the newer Parks, having been designated just 10 years ago in the year 2000.  It’s strange because all around the Park there are houses; you even have to drive through neighborhoods to see some of the sights.  Also, there’s a small town right in the middle of it, which offers a tour by railroad.  This all seems quite unusual to people used to visiting Parks in remote places.

It’s a smaller park, so we spent just a day there; exploring its trails and features.  If we lived in the area we’d love to come back on bicycles, as the locals seem to do, to cover more ground.

Here are some of the beautiful things we saw:
Cuyahoga (4)Cuyahoga (7)Cuyahoga (14)Cuyahoga (21)Cuyahoga (23)Cuyahoga (24)Cuyahoga (28)Cuyahoga (36)Cuyahoga (41)Cuyahoga (52)Cuyahoga (58)Cuyahoga (59)Cuyahoga (61)Cuyahoga (68)Cuyahoga (73)Cuyahoga (83)Cuyahoga (86)Cuyahoga (89)Cuyahoga (96)Cuyahoga (102)Cuyahoga (114)

One Response to “Cuyahoga National Park”

  1. Bill Says:

    That’s very similar to Moraine park in PA. The rock formations are almost identical.

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