Acadia National Park

Acadia (7)After leaving Niagara Falls, we still had a long drive ahead of us to our next Park.  We were both interested in exploring the northeast, so we shunned the turnpikes and took to smaller highways that led us through New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  The autumn foliage along the way was stunning, but we didn’t stop the car to take pictures, as we were heading to Maine, known for its amazing leaves.

Just off Maine’s eastern shore lies Mount Desert island, home of Acadia National Park.  We arrived mid-day to lots of fog and clouds, but didn’t let that stop us.  Thankfully, the park offers free shuttle service to the major sites, so we got a break from driving too.  We visited much of the eastern part of the island, including: Sand Beach, Jordan Pond and Northeast Harbor.
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The next day, we explored the rocky Maine coastline, where waves slam into enormous slabs of granite, and ducks, of all creatures, can be found swimming in the surf.  We were disappointed to find that the foliage was just beginning to change color in Maine, but were able to capture some hues during a nice hike.  The largest town on the island is Bar Harbor, which is a touristy get-away for east-coasters and cruise ships.  Of course, all of the restaurants feature lobster specialties, so on our last night we splurged on a lobster meal that did not disappoint!

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One Response to “Acadia National Park”

  1. Bill Says:

    Looks like you managed to time the visit right though, not too chilly yet.

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