New York City

It would be a crime to travel near Manhattan and not pay it a visit, especially if you’ve never been before, as was the case with Lisa.  We were lucky to book a few nights in a hotel just a few blocks from Times Square, where we spent our first evening, after dining on borscht at the “Polish Tea Room” in the Edison Hotel.  The lights and energy were everything Lisa had hoped they would be!

Manhattan (8)Manhattan (29)P1060819

The following morning, we set out on a harbor cruise that took us under the Brooklyn Bridge and by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, offering excellent city views along the way.  The weather was beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-60’s to 70’s.  We then walked by the 9/11 site, which was particularly eerie for Wm as he remembers standing at the base of the Twin Towers a week before they fell during his last visit.  Construction is now well under way for “Liberty Tower” that will stand there in the future.  It was interesting to see so many Halal-food vendors on the street there.  We grabbed a couple of delicious gyros and then took a stroll down to Wall Street.

Manhattan (56)Manhattan (63)Manhattan (96)Manhattan (112)Manhattan (115)Manhattan (120)Manhattan (153)Manhattan (165)

We then hopped the subway north, stopping to see Rockefeller Square, where we purchased the best chocolates in the world courtesy of “La Maison du Chocolat”, before proceeding to Central Park to feast on them while enjoying the greenery.  It was then off to Brooklyn, to visit Wm’s friend Sean, who he’s known since 4th grade, and to finally meet Sean’s wife Caitriona.  We had a great time sharing old memories over pints of Guinness and yummy baked mac-n-cheese.

Manhattan (171)Manhattan (189)Manhattan (196)Manhattan (198)Manhattan (202)

The next morning, we were off for reunion #2, this time Michele, one of Lisa’s closest friends from college who also lives in the city.  We passed the Chrysler Building on the way and met up with Michele at Grand Central Station.  She took us to Jing Fong, a popular Dim Sum restaurant near Canal Street in China Town, followed by treats from a local Chinese Bakery.  It was quite an experience!

Manhattan (206)Manhattan (208)Manhattan (214)Manhattan (216)Manhattan (221)

Lisa & Michele then walked the Brooklyn Bridge and explored more of Central Park, while Wm further explored the city. We joined back up in the evening for the best piece of Pizza either of us has had.  How can pizza here be so much better than anywhere else?


The next morning we walked out of our hotel and waved goodbye to the Empire State Building, before one last stop at Carnegie Deli where we split an amazing Pastrami Sandwich.  It was a very fulfilling weekend, especially for Lisa who had always wanted to visit this infamous city!

Manhattan (227)Manhattan (230)

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