Washington DC

We spent three days taking-in the sights in Washington DC.  Lisa had been before as a child, but it was Wm’s first time in our nation’s capitol.

Our first day was spent walking around the mall and exploring the buildings and monuments there.  We took a tour inside the Capitol, and then on our own explored the Library of Congress and most of the monuments.  We humorously noticed Danny Devito and his wife Rhea Perlman in front of Washington Monument, where Danny was lying on the grass taking a photo of his foot in front of the great obelisk.  We didn’t want to disturb them for fear of drawing a crowd, so just snapped a couple of photos that had them in the background.  (You can just see them over Wm’s shoulder in the photo below.)
WashingtonDC (263)WashingtonDC (7)WashingtonDC (25)WashingtonDC (49)WashingtonDC (72)WashingtonDC (82)WashingtonDC (88)WashingtonDC (101)WashingtonDC (111)WashingtonDC (124)WashingtonDC (132)WashingtonDC (168)WashingtonDC (178)WashingtonDC (191)WashingtonDC (216)WashingtonDC (225)WashingtonDC (239)

The next day we visited both of the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museums, where we got to see the actual Enola Gay, Spirit of St. Louis, the Bell X-1, a test-version of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, an X-35B fighter, among many more legendary flying wonders.  It was a day filled with aircraft! 🙂
WashingtonDC (282)WashingtonDC (288)WashingtonDC (302)WashingtonDC (306)WashingtonDC (310)WashingtonDC (313)WashingtonDC (320)WashingtonDC (322)WashingtonDC (334)WashingtonDC (342)WashingtonDC (353)WashingtonDC (355)WashingtonDC (384)WashingtonDC (387)WashingtonDC (392)WashingtonDC (398)WashingtonDC (403)WashingtonDC (406)WashingtonDC (410)WashingtonDC (411)

On our last day, we enjoyed a fine catfish-sandwich lunch at the Florida Avenue Grill, and then visited Ford Theater, where President Lincoln was assassinated, followed by the American History Museum.  (Below are photos of Archie Bunker’s chair, Fonzi’s jacket, and Kermit the Frog.)
WashingtonDC (374)WashingtonDC (369)WashingtonDC (424)WashingtonDC (416)WashingtonDC (417)WashingtonDC (418)WashingtonDC (419)

One Response to “Washington DC”

  1. Bill Says:

    The Korean War Memorial has always struck me as one of the most emotionally charged memorials I have ever visited.

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