Since we were in Kentucky, we decided to visit the city of Louisville, where Wm lived for four years.  We first stopped in Lexington to watch the ponies run!  What fun we had checking out the horses in the paddock, placing bets, and rooting for our selected winners.  In the end we lost about $25 after Wm narrowly missed his exacta picks, thanks to that darn #2 horse.

We then drove to Louisville where we met with a couple of Wm’s friends for dinner.  It was a very enjoyable evening, but too short.  I guess that just means we need to come back and visit again. 

Keeneland (3)Keeneland (4)Keeneland (15)Keeneland (21)Keeneland (24)Keeneland (27)Keeneland (38)Keeneland (42)

Aside from the horse races, two things synonymous with Kentucky are KFC and Bourbon, so we checked both off in style.  We went to lunch at Claudia Sanders Dinner House, the restaurant that the Colonel and his wife opened after they sold the KFC franchise.  (Think KFC with higher quality ingredients – Yum!!)  We then toured the Buffalo Trace Distillery where “Blanton’s”, one of Wm’s favorite bourbons, is made.

It was a short stay, but an enjoyable one!
Claudia Sanders Restaurant (1)BuffaloTrace (5)BuffaloTrace (8)BuffaloTrace (17)BuffaloTrace (20)BuffaloTrace (34)BuffaloTrace (36)BuffaloTrace (24)

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