Hot Springs National Park

HotSprings (34)The hot springs in Arkansas were actually one of the first national park systems protected by law.  Today, Hot Springs National Park is a small wooded area adjacent to Hot Springs, AR, which protects the unique hydrological system that feeds the springs.  Lisa was expecting large pools of hot water in the ground that we would be able to bathe in.  Instead we found the springs are capped-off and piped into bath houses in the town of Hot Springs. Picture traditional spa offerings and hot tubs in an outdated setting.  Although disappointed by this, we did enjoy walking by the old bath houses in town and taking a tour of a bath house that has been preserved by the national park system.
HotSprings (2)HotSprings (6)HotSprings (8)HotSprings (13)HotSprings (14)HotSprings (17)HotSprings (23)HotSprings (25)HotSprings (29)HotSprings (32)

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