Great Basin National Park

GreatBasin (16)Great Basin National Park marked our 44th and final park for this leg of our trip.  300 miles North of Las Vegas stands the 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak. The ‘great basin’ itself is the 200,000 square mile area that surrounds the mountain where the rivers and lakes drain internally (as opposed to emptying into the ocean).  Recent snow in the area kept us from driving to the top of the mountain, but we were able to see the sweeping desert which surround the mountain with great contrast.  We enjoyed a hike that took us alongside an old water-sluice that fed a mining-camp 9 miles distant on the other side of the mountain, but was now just a few scattered timbers.

On our way out of the park, we enjoyed the crazy “lawn-art” that neighbors had displayed along the main road including the “horse” driving the old car below.

GreatBasin (3)GreatBasin (12)GreatBasin (6)GreatBasin (21)GreatBasin (24)GreatBasin (30)GreatBasin (34)GreatBasin (40)GreatBasin (36)GreatBasin (37)GreatBasin (50)GreatBasin (52)GreatBasin (59)

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