Olympic National Park (Revisited)

When we first visited Olympic National Park, we didn’t get to see much of the coastline section due to heavy rain.  So, we chose to return on a beautiful sunny spring day.

Our first stop was Crescent Lake, where the sun was out and we finally got a photo of its beautiful blue hues.  We then took a short hike up to Marymere falls, passing deer and moss-covered trees along the way.  This is easily one of the more accessible and rewarding hikes we’ve taken, as long as the weather’s nice.
OlympicNationalPark (5)OlympicNationalPark (6)OlympicNationalPark (24)OlympicNationalPark (42)OlympicNationalPark (70)OlympicNationalPark (83)OlympicNationalPark (124)OlympicNationalPark (136)OlympicNationalPark (138)

A short drive later we found a great spot along the Sol Duc river where we watched salmon fight their way up cascading falls. We also saw skunk cabbage in bloom.
OlympicNationalPark (184)OlympicNationalPark (191)OlympicNationalPark (198)OlympicNationalPark (218)OlympicNationalPark (223)OlympicNationalPark (226)

We then drove further west, out to the coastline, where we had a wonderful dinner at Kalaloch Lodge and stayed for the night.  The following morning we explored its beach, and then drove up to Ruby Beach, one of the prettier spots along Washington’s coast.

OlympicNationalPark (248)OlympicNationalPark (254)OlympicNationalPark (258)OlympicNationalPark (274)OlympicNationalPark (282)OlympicNationalPark (317)OlympicNationalPark (331)OlympicNationalPark (363)OlympicNationalPark (372)OlympicNationalPark (386)OlympicNationalPark (389)OlympicNationalPark (401)OlympicNationalPark (402)

During our long drive back, we snapped this photo of a humorous trailer and sign near Forks:
OlympicNationalPark (430)

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  1. Bill Barr Says:

    Looks like the course was a good one!

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