Canadian National Parks: Banff, Kootenay, and Yoho

Our latest excursion was to western Canada, where we spent a week exploring small towns and three Canadian National Parks: Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay.

After a nine hour drive we reached what would become our base of operations: Sunchaser resort in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC.

Our week began with a drive southward to Fort Steele, a childhood favorite of good friend Bill. This small “heritage town” is a well-preserved and fun-to-explore slice of life in the 1800’s.

BanffTrip (1)BanffTrip (2)BanffTrip (3)BanffTrip (4)BanffTrip (5)BanffTrip (6)BanffTrip (7)

We then began a pilgrimage to the town of Fernie, where one of Wm’s favorite people was born: Rush’s guitarist Alex Lifeson. While there we enjoyed a nice lunch and searched for the local hospital “holy ground” where Alex may have entered this world.

BanffTrip (8)BanffTrip (9)BanffTrip (10)

The following day we drove northward to Banff through beautiful scenery and bridges used only by wildlife. As we’d heard, the town of Banff is indeed a charming place. We walked around town in search of a memorable meal, and helped a sparrow escape a candy store, before watching water flow down Bow Falls. We then travelled further north to one of the most beautiful lakes we’d ever seen: Moraine Lake, where we marvelled at its beauty and watched a few avalanches, before moving on to nearby Lake Louise. All the while, Lisa was on lookout for Grizzlies, which (un)fortunately never made an appearance.

BanffTrip (11)BanffTrip (12)BanffTrip (13)BanffTrip (14)BanffTrip (15)

We then continued our drive northwest, past the towns of Field and Golden, before heading south through Radium, where bighorn sheep roam the streets. This is one of the nicer drives that can be done in a day, but as evening approaches one must remain vigilant about colliding with deer.

BanffTrip (16)BanffTrip (17)BanffTrip (18)BanffTrip (19)BanffTrip (20)BanffTrip (21)BanffTrip (22)
Our following days were spent relaxing, soaking, and enjoying the good life in Fairmont Hot Springs.

2 Responses to “Canadian National Parks: Banff, Kootenay, and Yoho”

  1. Bill Barr Says:

    Is the steam train still running in Fort Steele?

  2. DriveToPark Says:

    Yep, still running! We didn’t take it for a ride though, unfortunately.

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